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September 26, 2017

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14.99 USD (Early Access)


Build your defense base to fight back the undead hordes of Mars and secure the future of the red planet. MarZ Rising is a game of strategy and tactical defense where you must carefully manage your crew and resources as you try to uncover the terrible secrets of the undead. Since launching into Steam Early Access in September of last year, MarZ Rising has seen a number of game changing updates, adding new game modes, a full 20 mission story campaign, Twitch integration and so much more, ahead of the full launch in 2019.



MarZ Rising the debut game of doorfortyfour is under development since December 2014. Our vision was to develop a classic old school PC game with a single player campaign, players can fall into and forget about the world around. The artistic goal was to create an atmospheric world, which captures the players imagination. As world we have chosen planet Mars due to its wide and untouched landscapes and decided working with semi-real, none-toony 3D graphics to cause a deepened and unrestricted game experience. In combination with a compelling story and stirring music this setting perfectly fitted to our idea of a Real Time Tower Defense. Developing MarZ Rising was a long process while adding features, testing and often eliminate parts of them again. Since we didn't want to make just another TD game, it meant to study known mechanics first to reinvent them afterwards. We noticed quickly that this game will be characterized by twisting tried and tested game mechanics to new ones. We wanted to create a never seen before, but intuitive gameplay experience, which should also fascinate advanced players. In our opinion we managed to add a new layer of depth to the Tower Defense genre, players will hopefully love to discover.

Early Access

Since MarZ Rising was released on Steam Early Access September 26, 2017, we're continuously improving the game. We already published several extensive updates, also documented on Steam and our blog. We were focusing on finishing the campaign first and have then developed a skirmish mode based on the feedback of the community. In addition we can already announce that we are working on a terraforming tool called "Marsform" to generate individual maps, to be played in skirmish mode and shared on Steam Workshop.


  • New and challenging mix of gameplay mechanics (TD/RTS)
  • Thrilling single player campaign with 20 unique levels
  • Exciting story with 2 alternative ends
  • Three difficulty levels + perk system
  • Impressive graphics and overwhelming Mars landscapes
  • Skirmish mode to set up procedural generated levels
  • Twitch integration
  • Planned > "Marsform" terraforming level generator
  • Genre: Base Defense, Sci Fi
  • Platform: PC


Skirmish Update (Nov2018) YouTube

Early Access Trailer (Sep2017) YouTube

Teaser (Aug2017) YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (30MB)

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About doorfortyfour

doorfortyfour is a viennese indie game studio which aims to create high quality PC Games. The focus of the development are strategy- and management games, which are characterized by unique graphics and creative game design. After years of practice in the AAA games industry, doorfortyfour strives for a highly productive development as a small but experienced team, realizing III games that are polished to the last detail.

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MarZ Rising Credits

Marc Egli - doorfortyfour
Development Lead, Programmer, 3D Artist

Miriam Egli - doorfortyfour
Creative Lead, Game Designer, UI/UX Designer, 2D Artist, PR+Marketing

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