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July 10, 2014

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flavourit - new Food App for all kitchen heroes - Those who like to cook and enjoy a great meal can now taste the brand new Food App flavourit. The young Viennese Startup doorfortyfour throws an elaborated and well-shaped Recipe App on the market. As the title suggests it is high time to flavour your own favourite recipes. From now on all kitchen heroes can save their cooking secrets in a mobile diary – regardless of whether food-, sweet- or drink recipes. That means, you will not find any ready-made recipes but rather fill your pocked-sized cookbook according to your taste.In order to keep things nice and easy the developers puzzled over a new structure that allows for a quick input of your recipes: Instead of writing detailed cooking instructions, you rather pin intuitive icons on ingredient-slots which tell you straight away what is next. This is not only useful but it is also good-looking. After that, just take a nice photo of your freshly conjured culinary delight to finalise the recipe input. Done! Having entered the very first flavourit recipe, you probably find yourself standing in the kitchen with a big smile on your face. To share this joy, answer the question 'what's your flavourit?' by exchanging your beloved 'flavourits' with friends. This way, your own hand-picked recipes become another person’s pleasure. Since that makes you happy as well the initially empty flavourit grows bigger and bigger so that you will never go without it again. Obviously, the innovative flavourit App is definitely a must-have for those of you who are still searching for the right place to put their culinary creations. In this case flavourit turns from a little kitchen helper to a great tool that can cause a lot of fun. flavourit is available in German and English language and can be downloaded for free from the AppleAppStore or GooglePlay. Further information on: www.yourflavourit.com.


version 1.2

March 04, 2014: simplified recipe input - ingredients list, new shop and prices, minor bug fixes

version 1.1.1

October 15, 2014: iOS8 Update, bug fixes

version 1.1

September 18, 2014: iPad release, iCloud support, new feature - portion converter, new feature - set temperature units (Fahrenheit and Celsius), bug fixes

version 1.0.1

August 08, 2014: saves last view setting (list- and full screen view), textcolour changes, bug fixes

version 1.0

July 10, 2014: first publication on Google Play and Apple App Store

the idea

doorfortyfour has been working with passion on flavourit since September 2013. The idea of flavourit is based on Miriam's little handwritten cookbook. (CO-founder doorfoortyfour OG). She intuitively structured her recipes a little different than usual. It proved to be instructive and timesaving to group ingredients with some instruction keywords. Based on this recipe layout flavourit was developed, further features were integrated and the result is an extensive App which is still easy and clear to use.


  • Intuitive, quick and easy recipe editor to create own recipes
  • Simple adjustment of existing recipes
  • Storage into 3 main categories (food,sweets,drinks) and 46 subcategories
  • Access to camera and photo album to add recipe photos
  • Search and filter recipes by categories, particular ingredients, marked favorites and veggie or vegan
  • Browse through the recipe collection in fullscreen-mode or scroll through list-view
  • The editable shopping list adds all ingredients of a chosen recipe automatically
  • Portion converter
  • Print, email or share gorgeous recipe cards
  • Export/Import functions - Recipes can be loaded directly from the Facebook-App or by scanning the QR code
  • Choice of ten flavourit covers
  • Backup the recipe collection via Dropbox or iCloud
  • Temperature units: Fahrenheit, Celsius
  • Languages: English, German
  • No registration required
  • No internet connection required. (except for using the share functions)


official flavourit trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)

download logo files as .zip (106KB)

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flavourit-news on facebook.com.

About doorfortyfour

Founded in 2013 by married couple Miriam and Marc Egli, doorfortyfour is a small indie studio based in Vienna, Austria. Marc is a Senior 3D Artist and has previously worked on the likes of The Crew, Forza Horizon and Crackdown, while Miriam was previously an architect. The studio’s main focus is creating strategy and management games characterized by high-end graphics and creative design.

More information
More information on doorfortyfour, our logo & relevant media are available here.

flavourit Credits

Marc Egli - doorfortyfour
Development Lead, Programmer

Miriam Egli - doorfortyfour
Creative Lead, UI Designer, 2D Artist, PR+Marketing



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