We are pretty excited to announce our current project that we are working on since the last few months. The game progressed really well so that we finally have some cool stuff for you to show.

So may we present to you: *drumroll* MarZ Rising

so what is it all about? As you may have noticed by the name it takes place on the planet mars and thanks to the Z in the name it will also include Zombies! 😉 In this post we won’t go too deep into the game mechanics and design as for now, but what we can tell you about is, that it’ll be a mixture of a Tower Defence game with some small portions of an RTS game. Sounds great? Well, it is!

That’s basically is for now. We will try to keep you updated on the progress and we really hope you will support us by spreading out the word as more information will come.

Cheers Miriam & Marc

Here are some nice appetizers to start with:
buildings & graphics are in progress and will be replaced by super cool 3d models soon 😉